Environmental Appeals Board hearing

Appellant 1 - Part 1

Appellant 1 - Part 2

Appellant 2 Presentation

Intervener 1 Presentation

Intervener 2 Presentation

Intervener 3 Presentation

SWCRR Deficiencies Presentation

Cedarbrae Town Hall Presentations


Water Act and Environmental Appeals Board Process

24 Wetlands

Alberta Environmental Appeals Board

August 18, 2017 stay continuation and approval of a hearing

Minister of Transportation

Memorandum regarding cancelation of outer ring road

Wetlands are Important

Houston’s flooding shows what happens when you ignore science and let developers run rampant

Harvey reminds cities their wetlands are worth money too

Don't drains the swamp, why wetlands are so important

The Flood Reduction Benefits of Wetlands

'We are not well prepared': An expert's view of climate change and the next big storm

To Soften a Hurricane's Blow, Don't Drain the Swamp

EPA - Why are Wetlands Important?

EPA - Wetlands: Protecting Life and Property from Flooding

Alberta - The Role of Wetlands in Flood Attenuation

Wetland Fact Sheet

The economic value of the world's wetlands

Linking the environment to the economy

EPA - Wetland Functions and Values

Adverse impacts to the Beaver Pond

Wetlands W06, W07, W08 and W09, plus WC 01 

Flood Legislation

Overview of Bill 27, Flood Recovery & Reconstruction Act

Calgary Land Use Bylaw

Environmental Assessment

AMEC report Vol 1 (Dec 2014)

AMEC report Vol 2 (Dec 2014)

Bridge Engineering

Terrace Report

City of Calgary 

Letter of concerns

Hydraulics Assessment

Klohn Crippen Berger - 1D hydraulics analysis

Parsons - 2D hydraulics analysis

Comparison of one-dimensional HEC-RAS with two-dimensional FESWMS model in flood inundation mapping

USGS and 1D and 2D modelling

U.S. FEMA and NFIP No Rise Certificate (see section D "Encroachment")

Flood Hazard Mapping

AEP Flood Hazard Map

AEP Flood Hazard Identification Program

June 2013 Flooding at bridge site

June 2013 Flood

2013 Flood Assessment in the Bow and Oldman River Systems

Office of Parliamentary Budget Officer Report 

CSPG Report - The Great Flood: Alberta’s “biblical” deluge of 2013

Alberta’s Bow River: Climate Change and Human Impacts

Springbank Dry Dam

Deltares Report

Floodplain management

European Floods Directive and land use planning report

EU Ecofloods Guide

Ecological issues in floodplains

U.S. NFIP Floodplain Management - Encroachment

U of C Living with our rivers

Towards more effective floodplain management

Natural and Beneficial Floodplain Functions- Floodplain Management— More than Flood Loss Reduction

Alberta Environment & Parks Strategies

Water for Life

Stepping Back From The Water

Water Crossing Guides

Alberta Watercourse Crossing Guide

City of Calgary

Washington State

New Hampshire Bridge Design Manual

Scottish Environmental protection Agency - River crossings good practice guide

Toronto Region Conservation Authority

Reducing localized impacts to river systems through proper geomorphic sizing of on channel and floodplain openings at road/river intersections

River Engineering for highway encroachments

River morphology, watershed management, riparian lands

Riparian Lands In Alberta

Calgary Riparian Strategy

Yellowstone to Yukon (Y2Y) Report

Meander Belt Width Delineation Procedure

Rosgen River Classification

Elbow river morphology pre-2013 and post 2013

Minding the Meander (Bow River Basin Council, Legislation & Policy Committee)

The Importance of Floodplains - Just the Facts (ASWM)

Environmental Organizations - Letters of Concern

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

Alberta Wilderness Society


Durban Commitment

UN Convention on Biological Diversity

Nagoya Protocol 

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, 2005, Ecosystems and Human Well Being

Biodiversity is life - Is our Life, Unesco, 2010


Sixth mass extinction: The era of "biological annihilation"

The Extinction Crisis

A Looming Mass Extinction Crisis Caused by Humans

How the Current Mass Extinction of Animals Threatens Humans

Wildlife corridors and fish habitat/passage

Alberta Transportation Complete Fish Habitat Manual

City of Edmonton, Wildlife Passage Engineering Design Guidelines

WILDLIFE CROSSING STRUCTURE HANDBOOK Design and Evaluation in North America 

Doomed to fail

Flooded river destroys road in minutes

The fatal flaws of the Tex Wash Bridge





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