In the News

In the News

University of Calgary  – Feb 16, 2018

Minister Sharpens the Wetland Policy’s Teeth, and Beaver Pond is Spared

ESAA – Feb 2, 2018

New Wetlands Protections Near Calgary Ring Road

Metro News – Feb 5, 2018

Environmental group warns of potential threat to Calgary’s drinking water – Feb 2, 2018

YYC Cares issues a response to Alberta’s Minister of Environment and Parks Order

Calgary Herald – Jan 31, 2018

Mason blames PCs for ‘overbuilt’ S.W. ring road, says it’s too late to change

660 News – Jan 29, 2018

Province taking extra steps to protect wetlands near S.W. ring road

Metro News – Jan 29, 2018

Calgary citizens win appeal of Ring Road construction practices

Calgary Herald – Jan 29, 2018

Environment minister orders ring road wetlands saved, admits project ‘overdesigned’ 

Alberta Government – Jan 29, 2018

Breaking News – New wetland protections near Calgary Ring Road

The Alberta government is protecting Beaver Pond and requiring additional wetland monitoring related to the construction of the Southwest Calgary Ring Road.

Metro – Jan 24, 2018

Calgary Ring Road environmental appeal still under wraps – Jan 23, 2018

Minister Phillips it’s been 60-days – What is the Government hiding?

Calgary Herald – Jan 22, 2018

Gravel pit critics say province has broken vow to properly monitor dust levels

Calgary Herald – Jan 16, 2018

One-time Calgary ring road engineer says province grossly overbuilding project’s southwest section

Calgary Herald – Jan 13, 2018

Southwest ring road critics want report on environmental concerns made public

Calgary Herald – Dec 27, 2017

Complaints filed against engineers over dust levels at Southwest Ring Road gravel pit

Green Party of Alberta – Dec 26, 2017

Southwest Ring Road Wetlands Crossing Letter of Concern

Green Party of Alberta – Dec 19, 2017

SWCRR – Calling on the Alberta Government to Release EAB Decision Involving Wetlands

Metro News – Dec 15, 2017

No word on release of environmental appeals decision for Calgary’s southwest ring road

Calgary Herald – Dec 10, 2017

Nearly 300 attend boisterous event hosted by the Calgary Leadership Forum & YYC Cares

Calgary Herald – Nov 9, 2017

Mason makes ring road guarantee

Global News – Oct 23, 2017

Environmental concerns from Southwest Calgary Ring Road debated in 3-day hearing

Metro News – Oct 24, 2017

Environmental Hearing into Ring Road wetland impact ends Wednesday

CTV News – Oct 23, 2017

Hearing held to determine impact of ring road construction on environment

Calgary Herald – Sept 23, 2017

Province preparing a Plan B for ring road in case construction remains blocked

PR Leap – Aug 20, 2017

Environmental Appeal’s Board continues stop work on the Southwest Calgary Ring Road


Calgary Herald – Aug 20, 2017

Appeals continue work stoppage on Calgary ring road


CTV News – Aug 19, 2017

Construction of ring road berm bridge postponed as appeal requests granted

CBC News – Aug 19, 2017

The Environmental Appeals Boards says stay on construction related to 5 wetlands will continue pending hearing

CTV News – Aug 14, 2017

Appeal board grants temporary stay stopping construction of ring road overpass

CTV News – Aug 13, 2017

Environmental appeal halts construction of southwest ring road bridge in the Weaselhead

Global News – Aug 13, 2017

Construction of Calgary ring road bridge put on hold

Calgary Hearld – Aug 12, 2017

Appeal halts construction of controversial Calgary ring road bridge

PR Leap – Aug 12, 2017

SWCRR Stop Work Order Imminent?

CBC News – July 31, 2017

Construction of southwest ring road will destroy popular beaver pond, protesters say

Metro News – July 26, 2017

Citizens call for bridge instead of berm in the Weaselhead

CBC News – May 6, 2017

Residents want to stop Elbow River bridge on Southwest Ring Road

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