AEAB Third Party Intevener

Third Party Intervener Notice and Instructions:

For anyone that either filed a "Statement of Concern" related to KGL's request to fill in 24 wetlands, or missed the Public Notice, you now have an opportunity to be heard and express your concerns to the Environmental Appeals Board (the "Board").  The Houston flooding has reminded everyone of the value of wetlands.  Yes wetlands are nature's natural sponges and assist with amongst other things flood mitigation (for more see the "Reports" section on this website).

If you wish to become a third party intervener the Board provides the following guidance:

Interveners need to make application an application to the Board to participate in the hearing as an intervenor. This application must be received by fax or email by September 11, 2017 (for details see the Public Notice below).

It will be up to the Board whether to let you participate and how. The main three criteria for being allowed to be an intervenor are:

  1. wanting to provide information that is relevant to issues before the Board;
  2. having information that will be of assistance to the Board; and
  3. not being duplicative of information that one of the other parties is bringing to the Board.

Alternatively, one of the parties whose appeal has been accepted could also decide to call you as one of the witnesses.

Note: anyone who witnessed wetlands being drained in the SWCRR TUC prior to August 18, 2017 or heard noise cannons going off any time between May 15 - Aug 15, 2017 should file an application to become an intervener.  This most likely applies to everyone in the Oakridge, Cedarbrae, Woodbine, Evergreen and Bridlewood corridor. 

Thank you for your support

YYC Cares Team


Public Notice - September 5, 2017: