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Mr. Van Nes

Alberta Environment and Parks

Province of Alberta


August 17, 2017


Re: Hearing/Appeal on KGLs Approval 00388473 to fill in 24 wetlands


Dear Mr. Van Nes,


            There was a news story this week regarding the controversy over the type of bridge to be built over the Elbow River in Calgary for the southwest portion of the ring road.  It was reported that the contractor, KGL was granted approval for a berm type bridge which has now been put on hold pending a review of an appeal requesting more assessment be done and a span type bridge be used.

            It was reported that if a berm type bridge is used, the contractor will fill in 24 wetlands and re-route the Elbow River.  I am strongly against this and believe a clear span type bridge is the much better option.  This will avoid wetlands loss and also negates the re-routing the meandering Elbow River.

            There are many detrimental consequences to filling the wetlands and re-routing the river that will directly affect me and other Calgarians.  The benefits of wetlands are numerous and if we lose them, we will all feel the loss.


    •       Wetlands act as a filter to clean our water supply and help to protect us from flooding and drought.  When it comes to these particular wetlands, they play an important role to Calgarians.  They help clean Calgary’s water supply and help protect the city and its residents from flooding.

    •       Wetlands are optimum natural environments for sequestering and storing carbon from the atmosphere. Filling the wetlands will eliminate the benefit of absorbing and storing CO2.  Excess CO2 in the atmosphere created by human activity is believed to be the main cause of global climate change.

    •       Wetlands are the most biodiverse areas we have in the prairies and are home to countless numbers and species of wildlife.  Removing the wetlands will bring the demise to most that make them home.

    •       Wetlands are a playground where people can unplug and connect with nature.  Thousands of Calgarians visit the Weaselhead every year to enjoy nature and the quite serenity and wildlife the area has to offer.  The wetlands are a key part to the area and removing them will directly affect all who visit.


            These wetlands help to keep Calgarians healthy and safe and no price can put on the value they deliver to us, every day.  Therefore I ask for a hearing/appeal on KGL’s approval 00388473 to fill in 24 wetlands.



Thank you,



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