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SWCRR - Calling on the Alberta Government to build a better bridge across the Elbow River Valley

We are a group of community residents that are concerned about a bridge being built over the Elbow River. The bridge is part of the Southwest leg of the Calgary Ring Road, which the government is currently constructing. As the Ring Road passes through the environmentally sensitive Weaselhead Flats, it will come to a point where it will have to cross the Elbow River.

We are concerned that the proposed style and type of bridge being built will negatively impact local wildlife, cause considerable damage to the river and potentially create significant flood risks for both upstream and downstream residents. 

We are committed to working with the government to build a better bridge. 

Alone, our voice is small, but together we can bring these issues to the attention of the government and help ensure the sensitive Weaselhead Flats are preserved and that future flooding is mitigated.

Please browse the pages on this website to understand more about the upstream and downstream consequences and design problems.

Click here to download a copy of the report that was submitted to the Alberta Government